Carpet Cleaning in Sevenoaks

carpet cleaning in sevenoaksCarpets need professional cleaning now and then – it doesn’t matter if you regularly vacuum or not. For your carpet cleaning needs in Sevenoaks, you can trust our services to restore your carpet.

So how exactly will you know when your carpet needs cleaning?

For some, it may be every year or even every six months. Even so, these estimates don’t always work. The factors below may affect how often you should get your carpet cleaned.

Pets at Home

Everyone loves their pets, but these adorable animals can wreak havoc on a carpet. Aside from the fur that they shed, they often bring in dirt from outside. Vacuuming, which should be done twice a week at least, if you have pets, is still not enough. For households with pets, restoring carpets through deep cleaning every three to six months is ideal.

Children in the Home

Young ones are tough on carpets – spills and dirt tracks are common with children. To counter this problem, it is important to have frequent deep carpet cleaning. Every six months to a year is good. Aside from maintaining your carpets, frequent cleans also make carpets free from harmful material.

Have Both?

For homes with both children and pets, quarterly carpet cleaning is recommended.

Office carpets also experience an extraordinary amount of foot traffic. For commercial cleaning, it is important to assess dirt accumulation over time. More often than not, deep carpet cleaning is more frequent in offices.

Special Cases

Time shouldn’t be the over-riding factor when it comes to cleaning carpets. You should get carpets deep cleaned whenever necessary. Had a house party? Noticing constant allergic reactions when you’re at home? It could be time for a deep clean.

For carpet cleaning in Sevenoaks, there is one name you can trust. Here at Tunbridge Wells Carpet Cleaning, we offer the most professional services. We work in both homes and commercial spaces –and undertake every job with the same know-how and zeal. Contact us to know more about our services.

Additional Services

  • Car Upholstery Valet Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) to a standards and a price that cannot be beaten, includes a free deodorizer.
  • Pushchair/Buggy Cleaning When the pushchair has seen better days or if you are thinking of selling it we will give it a new lease of life!
  • Matresses We steam clean (hot water extraction) mattresses to give them a deep clean to protect against allergies and bed bugs.

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