Domestic Cleaning Services


Curtains, Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery and Spring Cleaning in Kent

We specialise in office and domestic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. No job is too big, and no job is too small. We can set up a maintenance cleaning contract, or we can come in on a one-off basis. The majority of our work is in Kent,but we can travel to surrounding areas and even further, depending upon the size of the job.

Carpets and Rugs

Cleaning, anti-static treatment, anti-stain treatment, spraying for carpet mites, fleas etc., flame retarding, flood water extraction. We also deodorize your carpets and rugs for FREE, after we have cleaned them, leaving you not only with good as new looking carpets but also smelling wonderfully fresh. Our deodorizer is also a kill odor guaranteed to attack the bacteria that produces the smell (vomit, urine, animal smells, feces, etc)


Steam cleaning or (dry cleaning solvent – for those materials that cannot be wet cleaned i.e. silk) leather cleaning, We use a cream leather cleaner applied by hand, which not only cleans, it also conditions, preventing the leather from drying out and cracking, it also prolongs the leathers life at the same time, anti-stain treatment, deodorising, spraying for carpet mites, fleas, etc., flame retarding, flood water extraction.


Dry cleaned on-site. Simple.

NEW – Stainguard Plus Allergyshield

Stainguars-AllergyshieldFor carpets and soft furnishings – Shrugs off Dirt & Spills plus Total Hygiene & Allergy Protection (Asthma, Eczema,Hayfever, Sinusitis, Coughs Etc. Stainguard forms an invisible shield around your carpets and furnishings, making spills and stains easier to remove. Now with added protection of Allergyshield you can rest assured that your home is safe, from dust mites, fungal mold and bacteria, and their allergens.

Areas We Cover

Doctor's Surgery

Carpet and pressure cleaning GP surgeries.

Pressure washing

Excellent pressure washing services